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Favorite macros for Confluence

Have you heard?


Favorite Macros for Confluence is now on Atlassian Marketplace! Let’s peek what value does it bring:


What is this application about? 


Personalized content creation on Confluence is now even more simple: Preset your own macros to boost your efficiency.


Why should I use it then?


Less manual work while tailoring your content: Create a list of up to 10 your most popular macros. Customize the macros’ position and name in the toolbar.


How do I use it?


Edit the page –>  Add the particular Macro –> Customize its parameters to your needs –> Confirm by saving your Macro to the Toolbar.


What does this application look like from the Admin’s perspective?


Discover statistics about the macro’s usage, users’ involvement and adjust the user groups authorized to use this app.


Sounds good, where is the catch? You can start using Favorite Macros for Confluence for free on your existing Confluence license. Now.

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