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Easily create issues with Jira app Quick Create with Issue Templates

Create issues in JIRA with this app by IXPERTA with ease. Intuitive use, preset templates, meaningful icons. Be sure you create your issue in the correct way – on the 1st try!

Easily create issues with Jira plugin Quick Create with Issue Templates
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What you get

Experience the creation of flawless issues in the speed of light

Getting lost while searching for the correct component, project key, assignee? Predefined categories with icons will guide your steps and decrease the error rate. But wait, there’s more…

Don't rack your brain & create new issues painlessly

Find your way around the issue categories quickly

Enjoy full-text search across projects and requirements


6 functions you appreciate the most

Do you handle IT request, HR issues, or even internal finances in JIRA? We tailored the use of app to fit your need, across all the business processes.

Tailored Issue templates for each team

Create your issues thanks to predefined categories and templates. Absolutely error defiant. Unique templates for each team? Check.

Graphical display of categories and requirements

The graphical symbols are here to make your search more comfortable. You may upload your own icons or pick some from the wide variety of the existing ones.

The most frequent requirements are always at hand

Filter the most popular categories in order to find what you need.

An entry portal for your internal service desk

Shall you run out of ideas, simply open the Quick Create with Issue Templates and consult the guide. A huge chunk of ambiguities just dissolve once you consult the Knowledge base. Yup, we thought of that too.

Lock and load: Permission granted

As an admin, you can allow everyone to use the app, or just certain groups. The permission managment couldn't be easier.


Simple creation and configuration of categories and template requests. Fast access to administration of knowledge base.

Restless improvement

This app for JIRA gets better every now an then. Do you miss anything? Feel free to tell us, we won’t get mad, promise! Share your idea with us and we will be happy to tackle it during the next development phase.


Do you like clams? Join more than 31 000 other satisfied users and be happy as a slam as well

What do our customers value the most? The tremendous time savings. Both the novices and the power users. Everybody loves the intuitive use.


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Sometimes you may need more than 30 days to decide if our apps fit your needs or not. And this is perfectly ok. Simply proceed to Atlassian Marketplace and generate a new trial license key.

Technically, you copy and paste your licence key acquired From the Atlassian Marketplace to your Jira instance. The app is then yours forever. And from the business perspective: The app has to be maintained – here you can choose between 12months or 24months maintenance. 


Consult directly with the experts

Consult directly with the experts

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Consult directly with the experts

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Fast macro handling with free app Favorite Macros for Confluence

Have your most used macros ready at hand. Confluence content creation is going to be smoother than ever, with this app by IXPERTA.


Discover other apps & become a JIRA and Confluence hero with these tweaks.

Become efficient and effective with the help of IXPERTA’s apps. Check what’s on the menu today and pick what eases your work the most.