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Company’s Performance improvement via Power BI Connector for Jira

Power BI Connector

In today’s world it’s not enough just to do business well to succeed. Due to high competition, companies have to constantly track performance, analyze customer behavior, compare data with competitors, optimize operations, predict market trends and discover issues at early stages to make smarter decisions and, as a result, increase sales and profit. Many of them rely on technologies to do all this job. And business intelligence solutions can help here.

5 best add-ons for Confluence intranet

Addons for confluence

5 best add-ons for Confluence intranet Many companies across the globe use Confluence as intranet, but why would they do that?   Good question, as doubting is the core of a rational approach.   Vastly customizable, adequately complex, with REST API to back you up in your various integrations. But your Confluence admin already knows […]

Favorite macros for Confluence

Favorite macros for Confluence

Favorite macros for Confluence Have you heard?   Favorite Macros for Confluence is now on Atlassian Marketplace! Let’s peek what value does it bring:   What is this application about?    Personalized content creation on Confluence is now even more simple: Preset your own macros to boost your efficiency.   Why should I use it […]